Sunday, 14 February 2016

On Valentines Day I love a Bonfire

Yes it's Valentines Day so I decided to have a big bonfire, to burn all the Laylandii that was cut down over the last few weeks. 
Check out my video below.
We had overnight frost which should benefit some of our crops, here is the Garlic, looking good too.
The Leeks will also like the cold snap and the sun came out this afternoon, it was lovely. 
And the Onions also looking good, I hope they don't mind the heat from the bonfire, just a few feet away to the left!
So as you can see, blue sky today and it was lovely, but as the sun went down it did go very cold again, but spring is on its way.

Check out the Bonfire video below and thanks for reading/returning/viewing. Ian

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