Sunday, 7 February 2016

Busy day on the plot & at home

Well a good start to the day we, with the help of more plot holders and especially Dave & his chainsaw, we got more of the Laylandii tree down, not much to go now. 

I have a plan for the stump, so watch this space.
Bought some Garlic today, 2 bulbs of 'Pink' and I got 20 cloves out of it, so started them off in cells with MP compost.
Also got 2 bulbs of 'Vigour' Garlic, also got 20 cloves and started off the same as above. 

The 4 Garlic bulbs only cost me £1.60, so if we get 10 cloves from each when they mature, that's 400, not a bad investment.  
Although you can't see them yet I also planted some Broad Beans in root trainers with MP compost and then well watered, I will report on these as they grow.
Also got my early potatoes started for 'chitting' I have Lady Christl & Charlotte this year. 

Lots of folk aren't sure about 'chitting' I always put them in a cool but light place so short shoots develop, an un-heated greenhouse is ideal. I will post more pics as they sprout.
So the view from the gate is different now with that tree gone, I'm glad really as it was getting a bit big.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. We're going to start our broad beans in modules this year (soonish). Hadn't considered doing the garlic too, but it seems a good idea as the ground is so wet at present. Thanks for the idea!