Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunny September day

Super day today, so I got some more planting, weeding and harvesting done, read on.
We've dug up more Charlotte spuds from this patch so in the space I planted more Kale (under netting). 
If you remember back a few months, I planted a test patch of Carrots for a university student who was doing research on using resistant crops to thwart carrot root fly, but sadly I still got quite alot of damaged carrots. So out of 4 mtrs of Danvers carrots & 4 mtrs as a border of Flyaway, this is all I got undamaged.  
Here is the Borlotto Beans wig-wam and finally we have beans forming, see below.
If you look close (click the image to enlarge) you can just see the mottled colour of the pods forming and the beans are mottled white/red too. 
Sadly as the weather has been still quite warm the Brocolli I planted under this netting tunnel has bolted and in flower, so we will have to replant this patch, only a small hic-cup.

Harvest this weekend:
Beans: Runner, Green Purple & yellow. 
Blueberries & Sweet Peas.

So as I said a sunny September day, forecast for the next few days are windy & wet, so might affect the outside Tomatoes.

We will see.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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