Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last weekend of September and still harvesting lots!

I dug up the rest* of just one row of Cara potatoes, there is about 16lb (7.25kg) here. 
We have another 6 rows to dig up, so the estimated yield is around 170lb (77kg), not bad from a 6kg purchase. 
(*about 2/3 of the row) 
Can't get over the Borlotto beans, they have grown so much since last week. 
I think I did right planting them later, just lucky with the weather too. 
Love the mottled colour, the beans will be swelling soon.
On Saturday I filled a punnet with autumn Raspberries. 
My wife made a Bakewell Tart with allotment raspberry jam filling and topped with some of these, lovely with a dollop of clotted cream or vanilla ice cream.
Sunday's Harvest:
More Raspberries!
Runner Beans, 
Green & Purple Beans, 
& a Pepper.
On Saturday I cut the grass path with my petrol strimmer, probably the last time I'll do it this year, looks a lot better for it too. 
We have been very lucky with the weather, sunny and warmer later in the day.
I do love this time of year, harvesting and clearing up ready for winter. 
There are still lots of lovely flowers and the Bees are busy collecting nectar. 

Thanks for reading/Returning. Ian  

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