Sunday 8 March 2015

More rebuilding of raised beds & signs of life

A busy weekend of reconstruction. 
I finished the raised bed (in the foreground) by adding another 4" of recycled timber and made a new edge for the Herb bed (top left of pic). 
We will need to use some of the space for extra Strawberry runners!
You can tell Spring is upon us, signs of life all over the plot. 
The Pink Carousel Garlic (top left) has sprouted, so has the Red Baron Onions (top right). 

The red buds of the Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb are poking through the winter mulch of horse manure, wont be long before we take the 1st harvest.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian  


  1. What's Stockbridge Arrow like? My (unforced) Timperley Early is almost ready, but the others (Champagne I think) are barely visible, even with forcing.

    1. Hi we also have Victoria Rhubarb, but our Stockbridge Arrow is our best and most prolific, makes lovely crumble :)