Sunday 1 March 2015

Deconstruction & Reconstruction of a raised bed

It's time to do some maintenance on the plot, so I replaced the edges of one of the rotten edged raised beds.

Top left: Old wood removed and soil drawn up away from edges.
Top right: New edges in place and corners screwed.
Bottom left: Soil raked level and as much of the Ground Elder roots & weeds removed!
Bottom right: I might increase the hight by adding an extra 4" making it a 10" deep bed. 
Now that the pallet fence is finished, the Blackberry needed attaching, so using netting staples & wire it was a quick job to secure the runners to the fence.
So a few important jobs done today & I still have 2 more raised bed edges to replace.

As I walked home, the rain started, so lucky I went this morning and not later as I thought would happen.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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