Saturday 13 April 2013

Just a few hours but lots done

Got my trusty Rotovator out for the first time today, did a good job of cultivating the soil and incorporating the Manure that I spread over the soil a few weeks ago. I did this area in just less than an hour, imagine how long it would take with a spade or fork!
Had to dig up the last of the Parsnips, as they were in the way of my Cultivating.
There are some good sized roots here, some twisty ones too.
I've been wishing the Rhubarb would break through and finally it has, we just need some rain now, the forecast is for rain all day tomorrow so next time I expect it to be at least twice the size! 
So after Rotovating this afternoon I decided to plant out some Early Potatoes, 'Foremost'  I've done 36, in 4 rows. 
Hope the weather behaves and doesn't get too chilly, I dug a decent trench and covered them up with at least 6" depth of soil which should protect them, it's the young shoots that break through the soil that are prone to frost damage, so hopefully it will be much warmer by then.
Above is a quick video about Planting Early Potatoes

Thanks for reading/returning.Ian

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  1. It's so nice to see a change in the weather. What a great job your rotovator makes of the soil.

    Like yours my Rhubarb is progressing a pace at long last and I'm ready to get my early potatoes out too.