Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some sowing and planting

Time to start planting some seed, here I have used toilet roll cardboard tubes, filled with compost.

I have put a Broad Bean seed in each tube and watered them well, the variety is 'Super Aquadulce' to give us an early crop.
Last year I started off some Peas 'Feltham First' in the green house, 1st I cut a kitchen roll tube in half down its length, to give me two 12" channels, well I cut two tubes to give me four channels. I filled each one with compost and pushed in a Pea every 2" and watered regularly. 
I planned to plant them out when about 4"-6" tall, but the Greenhouse wasn't cleared in time. 
They had got to about 12" so it was time I planted them out as the G/H was ready. Starting them off in the cardboard tubes makes transfer to the soil easy.
I used some sticks saved from when I pruned a shrub at home for them to climb up. I watered them in as well with plenty of diluted Comfrey Tea water.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.   

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