Sunday, 27 January 2013

A quick look back

This is how far I got with the digging on the 12th, since then we have had snow, twice!
So today now the snow has gone, I spent another hour just digging.
I have dug up to the edge of the path now, but still have quite a bit to do. 
Next I will source some Horse Manure, a local stables offers it for Free so I will hopefully get plenty to cover the Potato patch :)
If you remember we re-homed four Ex-Battery hens, this photo was taken on that 1st day December 15th.  
This photo taken yesterday on Saturday 26th Jan, 6 weeks since the above photo, as you can see there is a marked difference, not only in the feathers, but the Comb & Wattle are a lot redder & the comb is erect. I'm not surprised they love being free now & certainly eat well !

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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