Sunday 11 March 2012

Weeding, Weeding, Planting & a Bonfire too

Been a busy week, again, on the Allotment.
I weeded the Onions planted last week, also weeded the Leeks while I was there.

If you remember I planted the Leeks last Summer and they have done so well we have harvested some already and eaten them.

The Onions (108 of them) haven't shown any sign of life yet, but early days.

The all important & obligatory Bonfire was lit again, in my trusty, rusty, Incinerator Bin.
Just as well as there were even more weeds & roots to burn, especially 'Creeping Jenny' that I dug up from around the Leeks!

But the potash left over after burning will be incorporated into the soil in the week. If it can't be composted, burn it, nothing wasted.

Chicken News:

The Chickens had another day out today, it gets easier each week, as they seem to know whats happening when the transport boxes come out.
But are reluctant to get back into the boxes when it's time to go home!

I promised to show a picture of my Potatoes 'chitting' so you know what to look out for.
Here is one of the 'Rocket' 1st Early spuds, almost ready to be planted out.
As you can see the shoot is short, thick and dark in colour, if yours are long, thin, spindly and pale in colour, they are not getting enough light. Best to rub off these white shoots and re-chit in a lighter spot. But remember to keep them cool.
I will be planting these out next weekend.

As I said it was a day of Weeding & Planting, so we also weeded the Garlic & Pak Choi bed, as shown here.

Also direct sown some early Carrot seed 'Early Nantes' and started 2 types of Beetroot 'Boltardy' and 'Pablo F1' in pots.

Also direct sown some more Spring Onions.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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