Sunday 4 March 2012

Another Busy weekend

Weather finally dried up after a wet start, but at least did get some jobs done.

Believe it or not today I planted 108 Onion sets here.
54x 'Autumn Gold' and 54x 'Stuttgarter Stanfield'
Each Onion set placed in a hole 1" deep made with my Dibber, 10" apart, in rows 12" between each.

Other jobs done this weekend:
Weeded the Onions that we put in last year.
Manured the patch set aside for the 'Sarpo Mira' Spuds.
Sown Rocket, Radish & Lettuce seed.
Painted the shed, Cedar Red again, haven't done it for a few years, so was in need of a spuce up, seeing as I re-felted the roof last weekend.

Chicken News:
We took them down to the Allotment again today, they are getting used to being put in a box, then transported in the car, as its only a 10 min journey, so no harm done.

After an hour or so, Peggy seemed agitated and wouldn't settle, so we popped her back in one of the boxes and a few minutes later she laid an egg, seemed that was the problem and the 1st Egg laid at the allotment.

Anyway, as I said a busy week, but a very productive one.
Here you can see the summer Rhubarb, even more buds are breaking through now it wont be long before its waist high!

The Potatoes are 'chitting' well at home, I will Blog about them next week, so check back soon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. you have been busy Ian! havent had chance to get my onions in yet hoping to maybe get that done this week.

  2. The weekends go so quick especially at this time of year with all the prep and planning. Go Peggy!