Wednesday 2 November 2011

Pea Planting Experiment

Don't have much luck with direct sowing Peas. Instead of the usual way of starting them off in lengths of guttering, which I'm sure works well for most, but I'm going to try this idea I had.
Cutting kitchen paper tubes in half lengthways, place the cut tubes in a shallow tray (I used supermarket produce trays, recycle/reuse).

I'm planting 'Feltham First' a 1st early Dwarf Pea variety.

Next fill each tube with compost, mine is home produced, pressing down firmly.

Next place a Pea seed every 1-2", no need to press into the compost yet.
Next cover with a thin layer of compost & water well. They should germinate if kept in a frost free place, mine are in the Greenhouse.
I managed 6 per row, the instructions on the packet says 4-6" apart, but when they have started growing, just before planting out you can separate them by cutting the tube through the compost.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. Brilliant Idea thanks for sharing it..I look forward to seeing the results..happy pea growing

  2. What a good idea. Might try that