Sunday 20 November 2011

Allotment news & Result of Pea Experiment

The allotment is still doing well, all of the crops planted over the last month or so, since summer crops had finished, are thriving.

The Onions are getting bigger the Garlic too, Cauliflowers planted recently have taken well.
The Cox's Orange Pippin Apple trees I put in just a week ago have new buds showing on main stem.

Some of the Leeks I planted on the 28th of July are ready to lift, just as well as they are needed for tonight's dinner, so I was glad they had grown so well, must have been the location, where the potatoes had been growing, the well dug over soil made it perfect for the Leeks.

If you remember my Pea Planting Experiment of Nov 2nd, where I planted peas in kitchen roll tubes cut in half.

Well as you can see they have sprouted and are quite tall already.

I'm glad it worked as its a good use of recycling materials.

A week later I planted some Broad Beans in toilet roll tubes, one seed in each tube, stood up vertically.

They too have done well and is almost 100% successful.

When they get a bit taller & stronger, we will plant out under Fleece, to protect them against frost, then hopefully we will have an early crop.

Same goes for the peas, they are a dwarf variety so won't need tall supports, but just twigs and thin branches collected over time.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Yes , my leeks are not too bad either , nice slithered up to replace onions in a cheesey flan. A milder flavour . Aren't leeks wonderful ?We,ll soon be sowing them again for next year.Have a lovely Christmas : )Debs