Sunday, 25 September 2011

Potatoes dug up and Garlic planted

A fabulous day today and if the forecast is right a late summer too.

Plenty of harvesting has been done this week, but the Climbing French & Purple Beans have finished, so I dismantled the frames & put the foliage in the compost bin, I did leave the roots in the soil as a nitrogen fixer.

I dug up the last of the Early Potatoes Hunter & Anya.
We have had a really good yield of these, each bucket contains about 10lb from 6 plants of each. So I estimate our total yield is 50lb of Hunter and 35lb of Anya.
Will be digging up the 2nd Early Charlotte over the next few days, will calculate the yield when the last ones are dug up.

This raised bed is where the Mange Tout frame was, as they have finished and the frame dismantled, we planted some Winter growing Garlic.
7 Rows of 3 varieties:
Bella Italiano (Italy)
Avignon Wight (British)
Edenrose (French)
These should be ready to harvest by late Spring 2012

So been another week of harvesting:
Beans & Beetroot
Carrots & Courgettes
Parsnips, Peppers & Potatoes
Raspberries & Runner Beans
Sweetcorn & Squash
Tomatoes too.

Thanks for reading/returning.Ian

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  1. Lovely harvest parsnips are about the same size as well. Perfect for roasting whole!