Sunday, 18 September 2011

Final Harvesting of some summer crops

Well I couldn't do my usual Blog last weekend, because the main gate onto our site had the lock Superglued and couldn't be opened. It turned out to be an unhappy plot holder who objected to the locking gate, but superglue softener & a blow-torch sorted the lock out & entry was gained the next day.

Here are Maud & Betty two of our ex-battery Chickens just being nosy again.

But here is the harvest from today:
and Tomatoes

The Pumpkins have done well on the Manure heap, but as the foliage had died back it was time to harvest these too, the largest one weighs 2.5 Lb (1.1 Kg).
Certainly enough to make a tasty soup.

We also harvested some Sweetcorn cobs, but some had been attacked by Mice we think, not unusual as it has happened before.

Earlier in the week, I dug up the last of the 'Bleu 'D' Artoise' French Heritage purple potatoes, they have been a great success, and are best as Boiled, Baked or Fried, we have been told they are good for Mash too but haven't tried that yet. When boiled they turn greyish, but when fried the purple/blue colour is retained and look lovely on the plate. The other Potatoes shown here are the 'Markies' main crop. They also make great Chips but I'm a bit disappointed with the yield, I'm growing 'Cara' again next year as they do have a high yield.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.


  1. Fab harvest - those pumpkins look brilliant! I can't wait till mine are ready :-) Glad you managed to get access to your allotment again. What a nasty thing to do! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  2. Oh those Blues!!!! So lovely. I can imagine the most wondrous plates of food with that color.

    Superglue? Really?

    I love fresh pumpkin. We buy them from our neighbor, for pennies. Then we have both the pumpkin flesh and the seeds. If you have a dehydrator, try dicing bits of pumpkin and dusting with spices, then drying. Add the chewy bits to granola or in baked goods.

    Your blog is wonderful.
    Amy J