Sunday 7 August 2011

So much harvested this week, Purple Spuds too

Back in May, my neighbor brought back some Bleu 'd' Artoise French Heritage Potatoes and gave me some to plant, so this week I dug some up and what a surprise, a good yield from only one plant and very Purple too.

We decided to have them for dinner so lightly rubbed the skin and put into boiling water and simmered for 20 mins, the skin turns whitish but the floury flesh turns Blue!

But the taste is supreme, with butter or gravy they are very tasty. I would certainly grow them again, if I can find them in the UK. A great way to get kids to eat Veg too, Blue Spuds!

Cracking harvests this week, here you can see:
Climbing French Beans
Courgettes, Green & Yellow
and Raspberries
All picked today.

Here's what we picked on Friday:
Climbing & Dwarf Beans
Courgettes, Green & Yellow
Kale & Pak Choi
Spring Onions
Raspberries, Blackberries & Bluberries
Hunter & Bleu 'd' Artoise Potatoes
And Marigold petals too, Mrs is making a body cream from the Grow your own Drugs book, James Wong.

Our autumn Raspberries are starting to fruit now and as you can see here they are Huge! (my thumb in shot for scale).

A good tip if you want more fruit and who wouldn't:
When you prune back the canes after fruiting, only remove 2/3rds leave a few old canes, they will fruit again early, so you get a double crop, no harm done there, works with both early & late Raspberries.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Fantastic harvests, the purple potatoes are a first for me, I've never seen them before :)

  2. looks like a fine haul & the spuds look great.

    Good raspberry tip, thanks for posting :0)