Sunday 12 September 2010

Still Harvesting & it's almost Autumn

The Allotments still looking green and we are still Harvesting, more on that later.
Cant believe how much is still growing despite it getting cooler & getting dark earlier too.
But we are still planting, for over winter crops and Spring too.
Some raised beds, now empty, have been sown with 'Green Manure' which are plants high in
nutrients that can be grown over
winter and then in
Spring dug in to add goodness.

So back to today, we harvested quite alot, as you can see. But still haven't dug up the Spuds for storage, due to a recent back pain problem, don't want to risk any heavy digging until it's better.

So thanks for reading/returning and look out for next up-date soon. Ian.

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