Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rhubarb crowns moved

Not a lot done today, except moving of Rhubarb from fruit cage.
Because we nee
d the space in the fruit cage, for more Strawberries. So I dug up the 'Victoria' Rhubarb crowns, for re-planting in a new raised bed to be constructed soon.

I was surpris
ed at the size and depth of the roots, having not dug them up since planting in 2004. But we always get a good crop so really I should have expected it.

I read that it's
good to store the crowns roots uppermost so that the frost (if any) can get to them.
It apparently does them good, we shall see.

The slic
ed Rhubarb root looks quite unlike anything else, so I took a closeup photo. It seems to have rings like a tree.

Thanks for returning and reading, look out for updates each weekend.

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