Sunday, 31 January 2010

Seed Potatoes arrived

My seed Potatoes arrived yesterday.

So this morning went down to plot to start preparing patch for planting next month.

The area to the right is where the Main Crop potatoes will be planted, the patch beyond the archway where the Early & 2nd Early's will be planted.

These are 'Pentland Javelin' an early variety. Not grown these before but they have good disease resistance, so thought I would try them.

I am 'chitting' them in a light but cool room, old egg trays are ideal for this. In about 3 weeks, when short dark green shoots have appeared, they will be ready to be planted out.

These are 'Charlotte' a 2nd early variety, I have grown these before and really like the taste and texture, they make great new potatoes and also great cold in salads, their waxy flesh doesn't disintegrate when boiled.

All Early varieties should be planted 12" apart in rows, 24" between the rows.

I will be
planting my 'Earlies' late Feb early March, when threat of Frost has gone and the soil is warming up. Watch this space.

I also received my Main Crop spuds 'Cara' but have stored them in a cold dark place, for about 3 weeks, then will be chitting them too. I have grown Cara before because they crop well and are disease resistant too.

Thanks for reading & returning, I look forward to reading your comments.

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