Sunday 22 May 2022

A busy day on the plot

I earthed up the main crop potatoes again today.

The early potatoes you can see in the background are too tall now to earth up anymore, they should flower soon, so we can dig some up in June maybe?

A few weeks ago Jo planted out some Beetroot, today they look good, as she has hoed around them. 

Under the enviromesh tunnel (to the right) the carrots are coming up, but need weeding!

Using Creoseal, the safe version of Creosote, I treated the pallet fence, will carry on soon.
In this patch we prepared the bed with lime after digging over and compressing the soil, then planted 6  sprouts and 4 cabbages.
The red & black currants are heavy with fruit still green, but dont want to risk loosing any to the birds so have netted them!
Strawberries are full of flowers and fruit, so have netted these too.
We have many flowers on our plot, important for the bees & wildlife.


More flowers around the herb bed.

Foxgloves, white.

The broad beans are doing well too, Jo has had to tie them up again, they are growing fast.
Rhubarb, Victoria.
Inside the greenhouse, various tomatoes and the cucumber, now have canes.

They are tied at the top to make the canes rigid. 

Our dwarf stock Pear tree is full of fruit, this one is definitely pear shaped.
So a good week on the plot, today we had a few short rain showers but didn't stop us.

Thanks for reading/returning.

Ian & Jo

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