Sunday 21 November 2021

A long time gone but lots done.

We've harvested such a lot this year & as you can see our 1st perfect Carrots, the way we grew them this year worked keeping them well above the flight path of the dreaded Carrot Root Fly!
Maris Piper spuds, these have been our best cropping spud this year, these were the last lot dug up about 20lb from 1 row!
This years Rhubarb. We made many crumbles and tarts, but I always make a few batches of wine so this is the 1st lot a Stockbridge Arrow & Victoria mix. Will see next summer what its like.
And the Blackcurrants were a heavy cropper too this year so I used 3lb to make a batch of wine, family call it alcoholic Ribena!
Another bumber harvest, the small bucket is full of apples and we have harvested loads of them this year. Our sweetcorn has been a big success too.
Another truck full of produce, the large leaves are Chard and lovely chopped up in a Stir-Fry.
So back to today, Jo & I have been busy digging out weeds & clumps of grass and getting it ready for planting next spring.
The Leeks I put in a few months ago are still small but are growing, Jo weeded carefully around the patch. 
The temperature is dropping and even a frost is in the forecast, today was chilly but the sun was out too, so not a bad day for weeding our patch. But there is still plenty to do.

The Cara spuds have also been good this year, dug up these today, some we had as mash for dinner tonight.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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