Thursday, 18 March 2021

March jobs

Can you see this Harvest Mouse, its eating something in the plant pots. 

I looked up from my cuppa and it was just there, I even got closer and it didn't move, just carried on eating.

(it's in the centre of this photo)

Anyway back to the jobs:

This new raised bed, now has, in the narrow section, 14 Strawberry plants taken from our stock when they sent out runners last summer/autumn.

This area at the front, we used to have a Buddleia tree, but it was getting a bit big and we needed the space for a new tree, so I cut it down and dug out the root. 

The tree on the left is a Damson, we put in a few years ago.

Not much left to do, except a bit of light weeding around the edges, our crops are still doing well at home and potatoes are almost ready to go in.
The new raised bed at the back now has a Pear & a Plum tree, that arrived on Monday, planted Tuesday.
At the lane end we now have a new Apple tree. 

I have tidied up the Damson area too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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