Sunday, 5 April 2020

Another busy week isolating from Covid-19

Saturday: Potato planting time, as you can see they have 'chitted' well,  I started them back in February, so now is the time to start planting them.
So thats two rows of 'International Kidney' aka Jersey Royals & three rows of Charlotte 2nd early planted. 

I'll plant the Main crop spuds over the next few weeks to stagger harvesting.
Earlier in the week: I put new edging in along the fruit area and the next soil area, as the old edging had rotted away! 
It's made from 2nd hand decking so I put 3 coats of wood stain on, hopefully will last a bit longer.
While I was busy planting Spuds and doing D.I.Y. Jo got busy sowing seed in some raised beds, so we now have lots to come up. 
This raised bed has some that Jo sowed earlier and they have started coming up, salads etc.
Today (Sunday): Jo planted out some Tomatoes & a Cucumber in the Greenhouse, the up turned bottles are for watering, they have a spike with holes in screwed into the top, but now pushed into the soil, so gets the water to the roots.
Friday: Jo sowed some Parsnips & more Carrots, in this patch by my Carrot experiment, no sign of them yet, but as its now warmer hope it wont be much longer.
Thursday: I've been planning this for ages, a narrow path at the end of the large area wher this years spuds will be, it will protect the Apple tree roots and stop weeds coming up there too.
Sunday: Another D.I.Y job! Check my next blog to see what it is. 
The good thing is I made it from left over timber 
So a very productive week, I think we only stayed home one day!
But its the perfect way to isolate, we do see other folk on their plots, but they are so far away, there is no threat to our health.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


  1. Agree with you, the allotment is the best way to isolate, if we see anyone they are a good way off. I'm just worried we may get stopped from going to our allotments, but I am still planting and sowing. Is your greenhouse heated? I haven't planted the tomatoes yet, I have them covered with bubble wrap to protect was wondering if they will be safe without.

    1. Hi Margaret, no our greenhouse is un heated, but in full sun during the day, all we have is an auto vent opener, but our Toms grow well.