Sunday 22 March 2020

Self isolating on the plot

Trying an experiment with Carrot growing.

This round container was a rain barrel that sprung a leak at the bottom, so I cut the bottom off. 
I have sown Carrot seed in it onto sifted soil, in the hope the 24" height will stop root flies!
Jo got busy over the last few days, weeded this bed and sowed some Lettuce seed then cleared the Rhubarb patch behind & the border along the back.
This patch looks alot better after Rotovating it last weekend. 
The patio extension is finished, next a new raised bed to be installed for Asparagus arriving in May and a Strawberry box.
We both got busy on this patch and dug it over ready for our spring crops to go in, Peas, Beans. and anything else we can fit in.
We decided to plant more Potatoes 'King Edwards' so Jo has been busy clearing a space, I will mix in some manure on our next visit. 
Great news: In the pond we spotted loads of Frog spawn, Jo also spotted a few frogs mating the other day, so thats why.

During the clearing & weeding operation Jo dug up these Swedes, so we will have them with one of our meals soon.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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