Sunday, 3 February 2019

First snow of the year & another quick visit

 The ground was still covered in ice/snow and far too hard to dig.
But this raised bed had mulch fabric on it, from when we had strawberries growing, so once removed the soil was workable.
So after a good dig over we removed plenty of weeds, roots & old plants. 
We will put new Strawberries in here and net them. 

But for now the Robins can get busy foraging for grubs
Took this photo on our arrival, as you can see still a layer of snow, but beneath it was ice, frozen solid! Even the pond had a thick layer of ice on it.
Also picked up our seed potatoes and got them into egg trays immediately to 'chit' them, on a light but cool shelf near a window for light. 
1st early Foremost & Pentland Javelin also 2nd early/salad Charlotte potatoes. 
This year I'm also growing Picasso & Cara main crops, wont 'chit' them just yet, so watch this space. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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