Monday, 9 October 2017

Blog update

I returned on Monday, to dig over this patch where we had early Winston Spuds growing in the spring. 

I found a few that I missed when digging up, so will have them with a pie for Tuesdays dinner.
So after removing all the weeds & quite a few clumps of grass! I planted out 60 Red Winter onions. 

Just to the left you can just see a Courgette & Squash that are still producing, so will leave them in a bit longer.
Alongside the Senshyu onions I planted on Sunday there is a stip of cleared soil. 
So I put in a few Kale seedlings we had left over from a previous planting. 
Then after taking the photo I covered them with a netting tunnel to protect from the birds!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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