Sunday 18 June 2017

Fathers Day on the plot

First job to do today was to lift all the Onions and leave to dry, we have Red Winter & white Senshyu.
In the space left where the Onions were, we planted some more Rainbow Chard, a row of Beetroot (seed), Asparagus Peas and some more Sunflowers.
Potatoes still growing well, we have already harvested some Charlotte and had them for dinner, twice.
These are the Cara main potatoes, getting taller now, was too busy with the other jobs, so didn't get a chance to earth them up!
The Broad Beans I tied up last week are getting bigger, the Borlotti Beans behind have almost reached the top of the cane wig-wams.
While harvesting the Broad Beans we noticed a lot of Ladybirds feasting on the Blackfly. 

There was a couple mating too!
Talking of harvest, here is what we got just today: 
Mini Turnips, 
Broad Beans, 
and Sweetpeas.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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