Monday, 13 February 2017

Potatoes to chit & garlic to get started

My 2nd Blog of 2017 and not much happening on the plot. 
But a good time to get some planting started. 

1st early 'Winston' and 2nd early 'Charlotte' potatoes arranged in egg trays for 'chitting'.  
2 Garlic bulbs, only cost 80p. 
I removed the outer, papery layer & separated the cloves.
I got 21 cloves, each one will make another Garlic bulb crammed with cloves. 
So I prepared a cell tray, by filling with moistened multi purpose compost, using a dibber I made a hole in each cell and popped a clove (blunt end down) into each cell. This will give them a good start with a good root structure, ready for planting out when its a bit warmer.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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  1. hi

    You've done well keeping the spuds in that long, I grew Harlequin last year and left them in until September, I found if I boiled them they broke up. They look good though.