Sunday, 25 January 2015

Second Blog of 2015

 Well its been a while since my last Blog, so today I got some jobs done:
First I dug over this patch, some of you might remember I sowed some Spinach seeds here, not one germinated or maybe a mouse ate all the seed!
I had started Solent Wight Garlic at home, in cell trays. They put on good growth & great roots too, so a good time to plant out, where the Spinach was. 
I put fleece over them just to protect from frost and those cold mornings we have been experiencing.
Another job that's been awaiting my destruction skills was the last section of old rotten pallet fence, you can see here it's gone! Next job to construct a new section from pallets I have collected, free too.
So with all that scrap wood (from the fence) and a pile of dried weeds, it was a good excuse for another bonfire!
As I said it's been a while since my last Blog, but I have not neglected my plot, I have been visiting regularly, to check it and put kitchen & chicken waste in the compost bins, also watering the greenhouse as we have Spinach growing in there.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Love your blog , I am a newbie here and find the site a bit difficult to get around , I blog on word press also.

  2. This time my comment worked yipee , I am trying to get some no dig beds ready for planting , also I have a couple of fruit trees growing and some roses all of which probably need pruning however the more I read about pruning the more confused I get will have to study it all a bit more, , if you have any advise on pruning I would be delighted to hear it , looking forward to reading your posts and learning more each day. kind regards Kathy.