Sunday 14 September 2014

September on the plot

Finally got to harvest the Sweetcorn, sadly some had been eaten by the wildlife, not sure what, a Hare has been spotted on our site! So maybe its the culprit ?
The Runner Bean frame is still producing well, it includes Sweet Peas & Honeysuckle which are lovely, the Echinops on the other side are almost finished but dried they are still very attractive, they attracted lots of Bees too. 
Dug up the last of the early 'Winston' some 2nd Early 'Charlotte' Potatoes, also the last of the Sante mains, they weren't as good as past years and oddly some red skinned spuds came up too, odd as I haven't grown red's for at least 2 yrs! 
Today's Harvest:
Runner & Green Beans
Courgette (round)
Cox's Orange Pippin Apples
& (the 2 large ones) Woodbrook Pippin Apples.
The weather is still warm & dry, good excuse for a bonfire as the weeds I pulled up over the week are nicely dry, we cleared a few areas today, so the freshly pulled weeds went on the bonfire too! 

I have done a video of our new Chickens, now that we have have had them for 3 weeks, sadly one of them (we think she was at least 4yrs old) passed away. Considering battery hens are culled at around 18 months, she has done well. 
So you will see 9 hens at the start, but only 8 at the end. 

Thanks again for reading/watching. Ian

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