Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lovely Allotment harvest & crops

Chillies growing in the Greenhouse, I think these are Hungarian Hot Wax so quite hot!
The Sweetcorn is doing well, lots of cobs forming, the Beans behind still producing (see below)
The Parsnips we thinned out a while ago are looking good, will be massive by Xmas day :)
And for the first time in ages Brussel Sprouts forming fine, also a good Xmas day veg :) 
Not had much luck with these in the past, but lime & netting seems to have worked. 

Not a bad harvest again:
and Raspberries.
The Bean harvest:
Green and Purple French beans,
Yellow Dwarf beans
and Runner Beans too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

We have re-homed 8 more Chickens, 4x Ex Battery (age unsure) and 4x Light Sussex (4 month old). We got them from a local couple who, due to ill health, had to give them up. They have settled in well and I will report on them again soon.

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