Sunday, 22 June 2014

What a busy 2 weeks on the plot and more!

Quite a busy fortnight. Mainly been harvesting crops, as you can see here plenty of ripe Strawberries. I've repaired an old raised bed by making new sides from reclaimed timber & I found a Hedgehog sleeping in our wildlife corner, I have named him/her Sonic :)
The reason I didn't do my usual weekly Blog was last Sunday we went to BBC Gardeners World Live at the Birmingham N.E.C there was so much to see, Plants, Gardens, Fruit, Flowers, Veg & Monty Don live on stage!
But back to the plot and this week harvesting has been busy, so far (since April) we have picked: 
Rhubarb 56lb 
Strawberries 11lb
Winston spuds 8lb 
Asparagus 1lb 5oz
 Raspberries 7oz 
Blackberries 6oz. 
We have had sunshine almost every day too, just a few light showers. 
But it has meant everything has shot up, all the Peas & Beans are climbing, the Parsnips are swelling & need thinning out too! 
And the Beetroot is getting big too, so I decided to make another batch of wine from this years crop, there is about 4lb here and as I need 3lb to make a gallon of wine, by the time trimmed & washed, this will be perfect.

I made a few gallons last year and they proved to be very popular so it makes sense to make more. 
If you want the recipe let me know & I will send it to you. 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Wow you've done really well. We've had 20lbs from our strawberry beds so far this year so we are well pleased. Only had one single raspberry! Canes were only planted last autumn, though.