Monday, 3 February 2014

February already

So it's February already, Jan was a bit of a wash out, very few days good enough for Allotment tasks. 
But today the rain stopped & the Sun came out, so I decided to seize the moment and do some digging! Here is one of the patches I will be planting 1st Early Potatoes, but first I will have to remove the weeds! 
A good few hours later and it's done. 
Well dug over from front to back & side to side, I removed 4 buckets full of weeds and had a bonfire to burn them on! 
There is plenty of space for 3 rows of 'Winston' first earlies that are 'chitting' away at home.
So as I said a good dry day for digging & burning. 
If you watch my YouTube video 'First Allotment Walkabout of 2014' you will see what my plans are & some tips & ideas for you. 

Thanks for reading/returning and don't forget to watch the video. Ian.

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