Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st Day of the New Year 2011

The Ice & Snow that had stopped us doing any work on the plot had finally gone.

So now the ground wasn't frozen solid, we managed to finally dig up the Parsnips, also harvested some Sprouts too, that were frozen last week, was hoping to have them for Christmas Lunch, but had to have them today instead and they were lovely & sweet.

So as I said the Snow had now gone and hopefully lots of soil bound bugs too.

Just need a few dry days and the serious work can start, clearing & soil preparation and of course a bonfire.

I am planning to put a pond in this year to attract Frogs & Toads, so the Slugs better watch out.

Another task to do today was to refill the Bird feeders with fat balls & blocks. They still need assistance from us as the ground is still too cold to hold the bugs they need.

Thanks for reading/returning & Happy New Year too all.

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  1. I must say that I am so looking forward to a good old dig again. I love digging. I plan to go to my allotment tomorrow to get some more parsnips up for our roast tomorrow. We did have some on Xmas day and they were lovely and sweet - delicious. I must grow double next year!! I must check out my micro pond - I might have some tenants!!! You never know I might be lucky.