Sunday, 23 January 2011

Big weekend

Been a big weekend, my 50th Birthday was on Saturday (yesterday) so had a lovely day with the family.

So today we went to the Allotment, mainly to check it out and to put our weekly vegetable waste into the Compo
st bins.
Here you can see one of the Strawberry plants we tidied up last week, looking healthy and green.

Here you can see the red tip of the Rhubarb which has been dormant over the last few months, glad to see it making a showing at last. With a bit of warmth it will grow rapidly.

Here is just one row of Garlic, that we planted a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we don't know it's variety, but is one we grew last year.

The Leeks are still looking good, and we will be having these with our dinner.

This year our big project is to re-home some ex-battery Chickens, so are clearing space in the back garden at home. I will be constructing a hen house & run for them here, so will report on progress each week (weather permitting).

We are going on a Poultry Keeping Course next weekend at Reaseheath College.
So looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. All looking good - if our weather improves this week I intend to go down to mine for a tidy up!
    Hope the chicken course goes well. Do please blog about it won't you??
    Happy Birthday once again. xx