Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wet & Dismal harvesting Sunday

Well despite an earlier forecast of dry weather, it turned out to be a drizzly day.

But we had been told that the Potatoes were ready for collection today, from the on site shop so we ventured out and yes our Charlotte & Anya Potatoes were there with our name on.
Anya is a cross of Desiree & Pink Fir Apple and is described as a Salad type, so nice hot or cold.

So we went to the Plot to harvest some crops, in the picture above, from Left to Right, Horseradish, Sprouts, Leeks & Carrots.
All looking surprisingly good after the freezing temperatures of the last few months, in fact the Sprouts have improved I think from a little freeze and are lovely and sweet.

So we were only there for about half an hour, didn't even take my camera for fear of getting it wet. But there is next week, which is a special weekend, watch this space for next update.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. I am so jealous of your harvest. I can't wait until things start popping up in my allotment! x

  2. Thanks Fran, I didn't expect any Carrots actually, but found some whilst digging around for the Horseradish. But plans are already in place as our seed order arrived, so as soon as soil warms up its planting time again, can't wait.