Sunday, 9 January 2011

Clear up Sunday, part 2

A lovely day today, blue skies and sunny too.

We did have a light snow shower on Friday, but went same day.

But as you can see 'Bonfire Time' again, still clearing up, we tidied up the Strawberry beds of old dead leaves & removed the Straw from between plants, a good hiding place for slugs & their eggs!

I also dug out an old Blackcurrant bush that was rather old & less productive, in the space made we plan to have a couple of Blueberry trees.

Now that the Rain Barrels have thawed out a small leak has developed & why does it have to be right at the bottom of the main barrel? The one all the others are filled from !!

So do I drain it and try to fix with 'Duct Tape' or replace with a new one?

The Birds are still hungry so I put up an extra feeding platform, with mixed seed & fat balls too.

We put out a fat block last week & today noticed it had been totally eaten, not a scrap left, so shows you how hungry the Birds are at the moment.

So as you can see the sky was Blue and not a cloud in sight. But still chilly, so only about 2 hours was spent there (we forgot to pack a flask).
Still more clearing to do, but almost there.

My main crop seed Potatoes arrived this week, a new variety 'Markies' so will be 'chitting' them soon ready for planting in March/April.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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