Sunday, 28 November 2010

Frosty day on the plot

First week of really cold weather, -4 today. Soil & Rain barrels frozen solid.

Only thing I could do was re-fill the bird feeders with fat balls.

This cheeky, fat, Robin was 1st in the queue.

Snowy Leeks.

These leeks will be so nice when at full maturity. Apparently a good frost does them good. I hope they survive -4 !

Picturesque Plot.

As the ground was frozen solid, no digging was possible, shame, so a quick check to see that nothing was missing or stolen and all was well.

But heard some good news, our association has managed to secure a grant to pay for a secure locking gate at the entrance to our site & some barbed wire too.
Should keep the undesirables out :)

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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  1. Lovely blog Ian - looks much the same as my plot this morning but I didn't think to take any pictures so well done you xx