Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Potato 'Chitting' Station

Just for a change I thought I would show you my Potato Chitting Station, an easy D.I.Y project.

You will need a cheap shelf unit like the one on the left, easily purchased from most D.I.Y stores for under £10.

Luckily we already had one that's no longer used, hence the tasty paint job.

I rearranged the shelves to make them closer together, I had to drill extra holes in the uprights to do this.

The original unit shelf spacing was about 10" apart, but after adding 2 new shelves they ended up 7.5" apart, ideal for it's new use as a 'Chitting' station.

The extra shelves were made from some rough cut timber about 3" wide, it's easy to copy the construction of the original shelves.

The next job is to add the egg trays, most butchers/grocers will let you have these.
Each shelf takes 2.5 trays.

I have started with my 1st Earlies:
'Anya' & 'Charlotte'

Over the next few weeks I will add the 2nd Earlies 'Hunter' & the Mains 'Markies' to stagger the chitting.

The advantage of using shelves, is that they can be easily moved around, from shade to sunlight, but must be kept in a cool place (our radiator is switched off) saves having them on the dining table, as I have done in the past.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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