Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More Potatoes dug and a Bonfire too

Now it's October and the first few days were as hot as the height of summer, so some crops are still producing and some like this Strawberry, are having a second later crop which is a bonus, we also have a 2nd crop of Runner Beans.

Today's harvest:
'Markies' Main crop Potatoes
'Charlotte' 2nd Early Potatoes
Runner Beans and Raspberries

The 'Markies' in the bucket weigh 9lb (4kg) and are what I dug up from less than half a row,
I planted 7 rows so estimate the yield to be 140lb (63.5kg) which is very good.

Here you can see the 'Charlotte' potatoes, the last to be dug up this year.

I used my favorite 'Joseph Bentley - Potato Fork' to dig these Spuds up, the long, blunt end, flattened tines are ideal to lift without spearing, the wooden shaft & handle lend a traditional feel and is so comfortable to use.
I even use this fork when turning over the soil and does the job quickly too.

The weight of this haul is 14lb (6.3kg) and was about 2/3 of a row, I planted 2 rows so estimate the yield to be about 45lb (20.4kg) not bad at all and very tasty potatoes they are.

And last but not least, here's a punnet (approx 1lb/0.45kg) of Raspberries harvested only 2 days ago, so as you can see the Autumn Raspberries are still cropping.

One other thing that has to be done in October is a Bonfire, all the weeds that have been left to dry, the potato halums and other foliage when burnt can be dug back into the soil, a good source of Potash.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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