Monday, 24 October 2011

Help with planting Leeks

Leek planting is not hard, unless you have clay soil, luckily we have light sandy soil.

The most important tool you will need is a Dibber, no need to go out and buy one, simply cut a length of a brush stave (handle) round off one end and mark at 4" from the tip. I also make a mark at 6" as this is the distance between each hole.

Using the Dibber make a 4" (10cm) depth hole by pushing vertically into the soil, which should be firm, not loose as the soil can fall back in.

Using a ruler, but not essential, make a hole every 6" (15cm) along a string and lower 1 Leek shoot (previously started in a seed tray as in photo) gently into each hole, roots first obviously.

Continue placing leeks in each hole to the end of the row.
Don't back fill the holes with soil at this point.

There shoul
d be at least 10" (25cm) between each row.

When all the leeks are in place, simply trickle water into each hole which will drag some soil back into each hole.

Then water freely over the whole patch.

The Leeks in the background were planted in this way back in July and have grown well, the ones planted today are an over Wintering variety.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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