Sunday, 23 October 2011

Potatoes dug, Onions in, Leeks weeded too

On Friday the weather was favorable for a bit of digging, so I decided to get the last of the Potatoes up.
There were 4 2/3 rows left of the 'Markies' to dig up, out of the 7 rows planted.
You can see them here, it doesn't look like a lot, but in fact this pile weighs 104lb (47.1kg) and the largest single s
pud weighs 1lb 6oz (600g) a plateful of chips in itself!
The revised total harvest is now 157lb (71.2kg)

Last weekend I planted the White Onions out, so today I planted the Reds, another 3 rows, so now we have another 80+ Onions to over winter and harvest in the Spring. Handy as I have already ordered my Onions for Spring planting:
Autumn Gold, Stuttgarter Stanfield & New Fen Globe, all whites from Marshalls Seeds.

The Leeks I planted out in July are doing well and look fab, weeded them and cleared the patch alongside ready for another batch of Leeks to plant out as a successive crop. Hopefully will get those planted in the next few days, weather permitting.

They will go well with all the Spuds dug up in Leek & Potato soup, lovely.

A surprise harvest today too:
Runner Beans

The late warmth & rain we have had helped to get an extended & in the case of Strawberries a second crop.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Your spuds look FAB! i had a good harvest - 3 potato sacks full but I didn't weigh them!! I have given loads away as I only planted so many because of you know who, but now that he's not here there is no way we will get through that much. recipients have all said that they are the best ever and much better than the shops so that makes it worthwhile! I am going to lotty tomorrow so hopefully there will be a lotty blog update I need to do a lot of tidying up!