Sunday, 9 October 2011

We made it finally, to harvest veg for dinner

I planned to dig up the rest of the Markies Potatoes today, but Network Rail started to replace the train tracks this week and access to our Allotment site was limited as we have to cross the tracks to get there.
Anyway about an extra mile detour and we made it. But limited us on what we could carry back, so sacks full of Potatoes was out.
But we did manage to harvest the following:

Runner Beans
a Strawberry
and Tomatoes

When putting waste veg in the Compost bin I disturbed a fat Frog, I hope it's so big because it's full of Slugs.

I'm hoping to put a pond in soon, if we get our Bathroom facelift done before Xmas I will be using the old bath as a pond, so hopefully a colony of Frogs & Toads will move in.

Anyway as I said we did manage to harvest plenty, here you can see the Peppers, Tomatoes, Courgette, Kale & Pak-Choi, these will be used in a Stir-Fry meal.
The lone Strawberry, there are a few more coming after the warm spell last week, will be scoffed by someone I'm sure.
But because of the railway line work I will have to put off digging the Potatoes until next weekend.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Great harvest! :) I love the idea of turning your old bath into a pond. Hope you can get to your spuds soon :)

  2. I've always wanted to grow some veg, only ever gone as far as strawberries and cherry toms. Love your blog. If you get a moment please take a look at my new blog :)