Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weeding, weeding, weeding and a little planting too

It was such a lovely sunny day today, perfect for a bit of weeding.

But first, this picture shows, for the first time, the Greenhouse.
The Lettuce which was planted in February as an early crop, will be replaced soon with Tomato plants already started off in the greenhouse at home. A Cucumber plant has already gone in, as have
Peppers in pots.
I will report on their progress when they are in fruit.

Just thought I would show you one of our Strawberry plants, so many flowers, each one will soon turn into a Strawberry :)

The Rhubarb is massive now, we have harvested quite allot already.

In the background you can see the early Potato bed, unfortunately the halums have been affected by frost/cold but this will not harm the Potatoes but will only mean full maturity will be later.

Potato count so far:
Charlotte (1st early) 64/70
Pentland Javelin (2nd early) 32/32

We planted these Runner Beans today, there is also seed planted to assure a continuous crop.

Other planting done today:
Dwarf Climbing Beans
Peas (in addition to ones planted last week)
And Flowers: 'Cosmos' & 'Tagetes' we have other flowers too, 'Cornflower' & 'Nasturtium' (self seeded) which all attract important Bees.

The main crop Potatoes 'Cara' have done well too, count now stands at: 49/69 so did most of the weeding here and did first earthing up.

All in all it was a fab day, we were satisfyingly knackered after 5 hours of weeding & planting etc.

Look out for next update and thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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