Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mid-week Allotment up-date

Well the day started out overcast with threat of rain, so spent the morning on another project. But come lunch time the sky looked brighter, so braved a walk to the plot. Only there for a few minutes and the sun came out and it was lovely :)

So, did some more Weeding, surprise surprise, this time on the Onion bed.

Made a net cloche over Dwarf French Beans as they only grow to about 20" (50cm) high and need to be protected from birds & rodents while young & tender, they will only be netted until tall enough to fend for themselves. We grew them last year and they survived un-netted when the beans were forming.

Did lots of watering as rain is not forecast until the weekend, all the Peas, Beans & Lettuce also Tomato, Peppers & Cucumber in Greenhouse had a can full too.
Luckily we have a well on our Plot, as the rain barrels (all 3 of them) are now empty, but if it doesn't rain loads soon even the well will run dry.

The Potatoes are doing well despite some earlier frost damage, never experienced that before, most have new healthy leaves forming.

The Potato count so far:
Charlotte (1st early) 70/70 all through :)
Pentland Javelin (2nd early) 32/32 all through:)
Cara (main) now 59/69

Although I have been growing Potatoes for 10 years now I still get excited when the first ones break the surface, and I am relieved when all are through.

Thanks for reading/returning, lookout for full up-date on Sunday (weather permitting).

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