Wednesday, 26 May 2010

That's the Brassica bed weeded :)

Another mid-week Allotment Blog.

I did start weeding the Brassica bed Sunday afternoon and it was covered in weeds, but had to leave it half done. So another 2 hours weeding done today before the rain started.

The 'after' shot (I know you like them) now weed free, there was every type of weed growing here including Nettles and all done by hand too, didn't get stung once either, honest.
Although I call it the 'Brassica Bed' there is a row of Pak-Choi (far right) also growing there and doing rather well, will be harvesting some soon to go in Stir-Fry meals.

Thanks for reading/visiting, look out for Sunday's full up-date.

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