Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sun, sun, sun, Allotment here we come

Such a lovely day today, maybe Summer has arrived!
Weather reports say temperatures are rising now after the lowest May temps for 10 years.
Planted more things, Sweetcorn started in 'Root trainers' have gone in, as in the picture it's better to plant in 'block' formation so to aid pollination, also planted more Peas started at home.

When 'earthing up' Potatoes I find this type of Hoe is the best, I think it is called a 'stirrup or paddle hoe'. As it cuts the weeds at the same time as drawing up the soil, saving time & effort.

Frost Damaged early Potatoes.
As you can clearly see from this 'Charlotte' halum, the one on the right is clearly damaged but the left one is fine, both are from the same potato tuber.
So anyone worried they are beyond rescuing when affected by Frost, can rest assured they do survive.

Other planting done:
Peas this time to climb up the archway.

More Lettuce in between the Onions.

Spring Onions & Beetroot.
Phlox & Sunflowers.

Good news is Potatoes are 100% through,
early & main crops.

Sorry about photos (black bands top & bottom) had to reduce resolution to download :(
Thanks for reading/returning. Lookout for next up-date.

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