Sunday, 2 May 2010

More planting done

An overnight downpour was much needed, in fact an empty bucket had 2" of water in it today and it topped up 3 almost empty Rain Butts.
Managed to plant even more Lettuce in between the Onions as a 'catch crop'
In this picture you can see the Broad Beans, Shallots & Carrots (under fleece).
The large leafy plants in the foreground are Comfrey, we make 'Comfrey Juice' liquid fertilizer from these. Will explain how in the near future.

As there was a threat of night time temp drop to -2, I thought it was a good idea to earth up the early Potatoes.

The current potato count is:
Charlotte (1st early) 63/70
Pentland Javelin (2nd early) 31/32

Planted more Brassicas, Mini Cauliflower & Brussel Sprouts.

Also planted Climbing Beans around r/h Wigwam and started planting Peas on frames put up on Wednesday.

The main crop Potatoes 'Cara' (on right of this picture) haven't shown through yet but its too soon as only planted out 2 weeks ago.
The empty bed will be filled up soon with Sweetcorn, Courgettes, Pumpkins & Squash's too. We are wondering if we will have enough space for it all.

Thanks for reading/returning, next up-date Wednesday (weather permitting). Ian.

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