Sunday, 23 May 2010

Another scorching Sunday on the plot

It was 28 degrees air temp & 94 degrees in the Greenhouse today. Hottest day this year I think.

Crops put in today:
'Pink Banana Skin' Pumpkin


Courgette 'Round'
Butternut Squash

More Lettuce too

As Strawberries are forming I put Straw around each plant, to act as cushioning so the fruit doesn't get bruised and rot.

In the Greenhouse, the Tomato plant is growing well, have nipped out side shoots already. We do have more Tomatoes growing but this pic shows the first planted.
Peppers & Cucumber are growing well too.

Plenty of weeding done too, as you can see from this picture everything's looking lush & green.

All the Potatoes are growing well and have been earthed up again!

Also planted more 'Cosmos' flowers around the edges, as they grow quite tall & bees love them.

Thanks for reading/returning, hope you like the new small format, had to do it because I was running the risk of running out of space to complete a year of weekly up-dates.
If you need to see a full screen shot of any picture simply click on it.

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