Sunday, 3 July 2016

The weekend before the competition.

Well as the title says, its the w/e before the competition judging.

So we have been busy tidying up the plot, biggest job to cut the grass path, my petrol strimmer won't work and needs a part, so I had to do it all by hand with shears!

I'm so tired after doing it I'm celebrating with a bottle of last years Rhubarb wine :)
Parsnips, Carrots & Garlic patch nicely weeded. The Broad Beans to the right are cropping well, see below.
The Sweetcorn patch looking good, both plantings staggered to give a follow on crop.
These Peas are tightly packed in the pod and so sweet, cant get any fresher than picked & cooked within an hour. 
But even fresher eaten raw straight from the pod, like I did :)
The early Raspberries still cropping well, the mid season ones are ripening now, then the autumn cropping ones to follow.
Gooseberries almost ready to pick, will leave them one more week I think.
The apples are looking good too, these Cox's Orange Pippins will be super sweet when they are ready. 
Can't wait, it will be the best crop yet from the trees we put in 3 years ago.
Love the colour combination of Cornflowers & Calendula, just a few of the Bee friendly flowers we grow.
The Cara potatoes doing well, now at waist height & almost all in flower. 
The Harlequin are also growing well and a few in flower too.
Today's Harvest: 
Broad Beans, 
Rhubarb (4.5 lb), 
Raspberries (1lb 10oz), 
Strawberries (12oz), 
Potatoes, Lady Christl (7lb).
So another busy day, the sun was out & it was lovely, lots to do & harvest too. 
We were there for 6 hours and had a pic-nic lunch.

Judging is on Tuesday, so just one more day to check its all neat & tidy.
And to finish with, 3 Frogs on the edge of the pond, we've also seen some very small Frogs, must be from this years tadpoles, so lovely to see they are staying around and I don't blame them, having such a lovely pond to live in.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo. 


  1. Coo! Looking good! I'm glad we're not competing against you!

    1. No worries Belinda, I'm not in it to win, just the taking part. Its a county wide competition so lots far better than mine. I'm just making up the numbers on our site.